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We pool expertise in the evaluation of social performance; investment banking; corporate risk management; and the management of large public funds. Our unique mix of experience and skills allows us to operate competitively in this new frontier of social finance.

Emery Brusset

Chief Executive Officer

For thirty years Emery has worked in fragile countries, on fast moving initiatives worldwide. His focus is on mapping and reporting on the effects and consequences of these initiatives, a body of knowledge called social impact assessment. He became acutely aware of the possibilities of harnessing digital technology to improve the ways in which such information is produced and shared with all stakeholders. Working for UN peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, mining and energy companies, he applies tested analytical frameworks to the right technology at Solsten.

Emery is a graduate of Yale University and London School of Economics.

brusset@social-terrain.com | LinkedIn

Phillip Griffin

Deputy Head

A seasoned management consultant, a financier, and investor in SMEs, Phillip’s skills focus on risk analysis and project management. More recently he has specialised in supporting social enterprises, including work in fragile states. He has structured and executed a range of transactions, in a variety of sectors and businesses, from early stage to mature; and helped establish a number of start-ups. At Social Terrain Phillip specialises in due diligence, risk tracking, and efficiency evaluation, and is also COO.

Phillip attended Royal Holloway, University of London 1985/8, earned a BA, Economics & Public Administration, and City & East London College, 1984/5, passed the Institute of Bankers exams.

griffin@social-terrain.com | LinkedIn

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